Webelos Family Member Activity Badge Worksheets


Requirement #1

Tell what is meant by family, duty to family, and family meetings.
Family: ___________________________________________________________
Duty to Family: ______________________________________________________
Family Meetings:_____________________________________________________


Requirement #2

Make a chart showing the jobs you and other family members have at home.
Check each day that you do each job.
My ChoresSunMonTueWedThuFriSat
Clean bathroom       
Clean bedroom       
Make bed       
Bring in Mail       
Clean spills       
Get dressed       
Pick out clothes       
Put books in a pile       
Put Toys Away       
Sweep floor       
Keep clean; wash       
Take bath or shower       
Clean kitchen       
Load/Unload dishwasher       
Put groceries away       
Iron clothes       
Put clean clothes away       
Put clothes in Hamper       
Sew buttons       
wash load of clothes       
Clear table       
Fix cereal for breakfast       
Help empty dishwasher       
Help prepare dinner       
Help prepare lunch       
Prepare breakfast       
Set / clear table       
Pull weeds / work in garden       
Rake leaves       
Wash car       
Water flowers       
Feed pet       
Take pet for walk       
Empty wastebasket       
Take trash out to curb       
Other _____________        
Other _____________        
Other _____________        
Other _____________        


Requirement #3

Make a list of hazards or lack of security that you find during a home inspection.
  • Are pot handles turned inward when cooking?
  • Do you store food and household cleaners separately?
  • Are knives and other sharp items out of children’s reach?
  • Do you wipe or pick up spilled water, grease or food peelings immediately?
  • Do you dry your hands before handling an electrical appliance?
  • Do your kitchen appliances have the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) designation?
  • Do you keep kitchen cabinets, doors and drawers closed?
  • Do you use microwave-safe containers for microwave cooking?
  • Are potholders, dishtowels and spice racks away from the stove so they won't catch fire?
  • Do you keep a pot lid near the stove to smother flames from a grease fire?
  • If there are small children in your home, have you installed child-resistant safety latches on all cabinets?
  • Do you have plenty of light at the stove; sink and countertop work areas, especially where you cut food?
  • Does your tub or shower have a slip-resistant surface to stand on?
  • Are grab bars securely fastened?
  • Are medicines clearly labeled?
  • Do you clean out the medicine chest regularly in order to get rid of expired medication?
  • Is the toilet seat and lid kept down when not in use?
  • Are medicines in child-resistant containers?
  • Are there safety latches on all drawers or cabinets?
  • Are hair dryers and other appliances stored away from sink, tub and toilet?
  • Are medicines, cosmetics, sprays, cleaners, mouthwash, hair care products, etc., out of children's reach?
  • Do you store breakable bottles and jars where they can't be shattered?
  • Are space heaters kept away from curtains and flammable materials?
  • Are cosmetics and perfumes stored out of a child's reach?
  • Is there a lamp or light switch within reach of bed?
  • Are children's beds placed away from all windows?
  • Can you reach your clothes in the closet and the dresser?
Utility Room
  • Are insect sprays and weed killers in a locked area?
  • Are gasoline and car products in a locked storage cabinet?
  • Are oily rags and cleaning cloths in a metal receptacle?
  • Are flammable products in safety cans and stored separately in a wellventilated storage area?
  • Are all cleaners and paint products in their original containers?
  • Do you check the area around the car before you back it out of the garage?
  • Do you keep the garage door open whenever you run the car engine inside the garage?
  • Do you inspect your garage door regularly for broken or worn parts?
  • Are stairways kept clear and uncluttered?
  • Are stairs and hallways well lit?
  • Are rugs and runners skid-proof?
  • Are rugs and carpets free of curled edges, worn spots and rips?
  • Are curtain cords and shade pulls kept out of children's reach?
  • Are guards or screens installed around fireplaces, radiators, hot pipes, and wood-burning stoves?
  • Are smoke detectors installed on each level?
  • Are smoke detector batteries changed every six months and checked monthly?
  • Are sharp edges of furniture cushioned with corner guards or other materials?
  • Do you keep the instruction manuals for your appliances so you can check if something goes wrong?
  • Do you know where the emergency shutoffs are located for electrical, gas and water service?
  • Are plastic bags kept out of a child's reach?
  • Is the thermostat on the water heater set to 120 F?
  • Do you have an emergency exit plan to use in case of fire?
  • Does your family practice using this emergency exit plan?
  • Is a list of emergency phone numbers, (police, fire, doctor, poison control) next to each phone?
  • Are unused electrical outlets covered with safety covers?
  • Are windows secured with window locks?
  • Are all stairways in good condition, with no broken, sagging or sloping steps?
  • Are there sturdy handrails or banisters by all steps and stairs?
  • Do you have a carbon monoxide detector?
  • Are poisonous plants kept out of children's reach?
  • Do you have Syrup of Ipecac in you home for use as directed in poisoning emergencies?
  • Do you have a sturdy stool that you can use to reach high cupboards and shelves?
  • Can you walk across every room in your home without detouring around furniture?


Requirement #4

Explain why garbage and trash must be disposed of properly.

Circle the best place to dispose of each item.
Apple CoreTrash CanRecycle BinCompost BinThrift Store
Plastic WrapTrash CanRecycle BinCompost BinThrift Store
Grass ClippingsTrash CanRecycle BinCompost BinThrift Store
Old PantsTrash CanRecycle BinCompost BinThrift Store
Glass bottleTrash CanRecycle BinCompost BinThrift Store
Raked LeafsTrash CanRecycle BinCompost BinThrift Store
Used paper towelTrash CanRecycle BinCompost BinThrift Store
NewspapersTrash CanRecycle BinCompost BinThrift Store
Lettuce scrapsTrash CanRecycle BinCompost BinThrift Store
Tuna cansTrash CanRecycle BinCompost BinThrift Store
Pop cansTrash CanRecycle BinCompost BinThrift Store
Outgrown t-shirtTrash CanRecycle BinCompost BinThrift Store


Requirement #5

Make a list of some things for which your family spends money and how you might save money.
  • Repairing clothes (sewing on buttons, patching holes, stitching ripped seams)
  • Taking care of clothes by hanging / folding them and washing them regularly
  • Buying clothes on sale
  • Buying clothes we NEED versus buying clothes we WANT
Toys, sports equipment, etc.
  • Selling gently used items at one of the “go-round” stores
  • Buying gently used items at one of the “go-round” stores
  • Visiting garage sales for cleats, pants, etc.
  • Taking care of our toys and equipment, putting it away and not leaving it at the park or a friend’s house
(movies, sporting events, etc.)
  • Going to the video store on the bargain day
  • Going to matinees instead of evening movies
  • Limiting the food purchases at the movies
  • Limiting the food and paraphernalia purchases at sporting events
  • Attending sporting events sponsored by Scouts or other kid-friendly organizations
  • Buying only what is on the grocery list
  • Clipping coupons for things we buy often
  • Buying non-perishable foods in bulk
Eating out
  • Limiting the number of times we eat out per week
  • Plan a fun “eating out” event at home (home-made pizza, picnic on a blanket, ...)
  • Plan an enjoyable night in a restaurant – look forward to it and save for it rather than acting on impulse
Gas, Auto repairs, Car wash
  • Plan your errands so that you can drive to the same area only once
  • Keep the car in good repair changing the oil often to prevent more major repairs
  • When weather permits, wash the car as a family event
  • Take a vacation at home. Do the things someone might do if they were visiting your city.
  • Find airfare bargains using the Internet
  • Find hotel bargains using the Internet
Other: ________________
  • ______________________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________________
Other: ________________
  • ______________________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________________
Other: ________________
  • ______________________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________________

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