Webelos Citizen Activity Badge Worksheets


Citizen Test

  1. If you meet the President, you call him:
    1. your Highness
    2. your Excellency
    3. Mr. President

  2. The President and his family live in:
    1. Blair House
    2. the White House
    3. the suburbs

  3. The first President to live in the White House was:
    1. John Adams
    2. George Washington
    3. Thomas Jefferson

  4. We celebrate birthdays of two Presidents in February; they are:
    1. Washington and Lincoln
    2. Jefferson and Adams
    3. T. Roosevelt and F.D. Roosevelt

  5. During the War of 1812, when Madison was President, this famous song was written:
    1. the Battle Hymn of the Republic
    2. God Bless America
    3. The Star Spangled Banner

  6. Twenty-seven Presidents have studied:
    1. flying
    2. law
    3. astronomy

  7. The two big political parties today are:
    1. Republicans and Democrats
    2. Federalists and Whigs
    3. Conservatives and Liberals

  8. The U S National Anthem was written by:
    1. George Washington
    2. Francis Scott Key
    3. Benjamin Franklin

  9. The law says Presidential elections must be held on:
    1. the first Monday in October
    2. Halloween
    3. the first Tuesday in November
  1. We hold Presidential elections every:
    1. two years
    2. four years
    3. six years

  2. The United States is made up of:
    1. 13 states
    2. 37 states
    3. 50 states

  3. The parties pick their Presidential candidates in:
    1. Presidential primaries
    2. national nominating conventions
    3. by secret vote

  4. If a president dies in office, the next president is:
    1. the Vice President
    2. elected by the people
    3. the oldest Senator

  5. If you want to run for President you should:
    1. go jogging
    2. take a nap
    3. make speeches

  6. The only man to be elected President four times was:
    1. Abraham Lincoln
    2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    3. Ulysses S. Grant

  7. The President's wife is called:
    1. the First Lady
    2. the Queen
    3. Mrs. President

  8. The U S flag's stripes are colored:
    1. 6 red and 7 white
    2. 7 red and 6 white
    3. 6 red and 6 white

  9. When properly folded, the U S flag should be shaped like:
    1. a circle
    2. a square
    3. a triangle


Presidents Search

 E C R E I P T R N A G A E R B C E J K A 
 W T A F T T X I R X W H N O F O R D D O 
 N V X C Y N J E F F E R S O N W X A R Y 
 O Q P L D F I L L M O R E S N I M P B E 
 T H E C E A M P T U J L S E I S X O L L 
 N R L I N C O L N F D B R V O L B O B N 
 I W R R N P Z L A T U Z E E W C J H N I 
 L V P U E K O O R C Y N T L A O W A S K 
 C H A Q K H N L G I O V R T M T A Y E C 
 B U C H A N A N K S A D A W R S S E I M 
 R G N I D R A H K N H R C O O D H S S A 
 N W I X F F N C B B O O I L L O I E E D 
 O T I G E R A U E E O D E F Y Z N E N I 
 S B J S C J R W R L V W L Y A D G O H S 
 I R O C A E E E I O E E E E T L T R O O 
 R U H O N S I D U L R N R B I R O N W N 
 R H N U M W G C T H S U B A E F N O E N 
 A T S T L E A W I L S O N D H L R M R A 
 H R O S P V D N A L E V E L C S O A U N 
 E A N A M U R T L H B F I B E A R S G F 

WashingtonAdams Jefferson Madison
Monroe (Adams) Jackson VanBuren
Harrison Tyler Polk Taylor
Fillmore Pierce Buchanan Lincoln
Johnson Grant Hayes Garfield
Arthur Cleveland (Harrison) (Cleveland)
McKinley Roosevelt Taft Wilson
Harding Coolidge Hoover (Roosevelt)
Truman Eisenhower Kennedy (Johnson)
Nixon Ford Carter Reagan
Bush Clinton (Bush)

Names in parentheses are repeats that will occur ONLY ONCE in the puzzle!

Every Citizen has ...

Complete each statement by inserting duty or right in the blank.
  1. the __________ to obey all laws.
  2. the __________ to equal protection of laws and equal justice in the courts.
  3. the __________ to respect the rights of others.
  4. the __________ to inform yourself on issues of government.
  5. the __________ to be free of arbitrary search and seizure.
  6. the __________ to equal education and economic opportunity.
  7. the __________ to serve on a jury if called.
  8. the __________ to vote.
  9. the __________ to own property.
  10. the __________ to vote in elections.
  11. the __________ to serve and defend your country.
  12. the __________ to free speech, press, and assembly.
  13. the __________ to assist agencies of law enforcement.
  14. the __________ to a lawyer of your choice and a prompt trial if accused of a crime.
  15. The __________ to practice and teach the principle of good citizenship in your home.


Citizen Scavenger Hunt

On a tour of City Hall, see if you can get answers to these questions:
  1. Bring back a piece of stationery showing our town's logo or crest.
  2. Where is the police chief's office?
  3. Who runs the Water Works Department and what does that department do?
  4. Where does the City Council meet?
  5. What is in the basement of the City Hall building?
  6. What is the full name of the receptionist or person that welcomed us?
  7. Get a brochure about trash pick up service.
  8. Who takes care of snow removal/tree removal from city streets and what is their budget?
  9. What is the city's budget and how many city employees are there?
  10. Draw a picture of our city or state flag:

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