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Strange Colors

In a brightly lit room with an open white or light tan wall, try this experiment.
Cut large circles from colored construction paper (red, green, blue, yellow, orange, and violet). Tape a colored circle on the wall and have everyone look at the very center of it for at least 30 seconds. Then, have everyone move their gaze to a blank area on the wall and describe what they see. For each color, keep track of what color after-image people see. If you compare these colors to the color wheel, everyone should notice that the after-image is on the opposite side of the wheel from the original color.
Ask scouts to draw a picture using colors that will make an interesting after-image. For example, to make a red, white, and blue US Flag, what colors should be used to draw it? How about an apple tree in a grassy field?
Then, let them try out their pictures on the wall.



Rainbow Crayons

Gather a bunch of broken crayons or ask scouts to bring in any broken pieces.
In a muffin pan, have scouts put muffin cups and add broken crayon bits. Put the pan in the oven to melt all the bits together.
Take it out, let it cool, and then each scout has a rainbow crayon for leaf rubbing or other wild art work.



Colored Line Art

Give each scout a piece of paper. Have each write their name or some other word they like in large letters in the center of the page.
Outline each letter of the word with a line.
Repeat with different colors, making the word outline larger and larger as the individual letter outlines merge.
Fill the entire page with a rainbow of colors.