First Aid Kit Inventory

A first-aid kit well stocked with the basic essentials is indispensable. Our troop a red, cloth kit that unrolls so all items can be easily accessed. A copy of this inventory list should be in the kit at all times and items crossed off as they are used. The kit is stored with the troop gear and goes on all troop outings. The troop's Quartermaster is responsible for checking the kit and keeping it stocked.
As our troop grows, the quantities of items may need to be adjusted and this document updated. The Quartermaster and Webmaster need to work together to accomplish that.

Troop First Aid Kit

Date Last Checked: __________________

Checked By: _____________________________________

Qty Item
1 Clinical oral thermometer
1 Scissors
1 Tweezers
6 Safety pins
2 Needles
1 Spool of thread
1 Instant ice packs
3 pair latex gloves
3 small ziploc baggies
2 Triangular bandage
1 roll of adhesive tape
6 4-by-4-inch sterile pads
6 3-by-3-inch sterile pads
6 2-by-2-inch sterile pads
2 2-inch gauze roll
1 3-inch roller bandage
1 2-inch roller bandage
1 1-inch roller bandage
4 butterfly adhesive bandage
6 3-inch adhesive bandage
12 2-inch adhesive bandage
12 1-inch adhesive bandage
12 Absorbent cotton balls
1 Bar of soap
2 sheets mole skin foam
1 Foot powder
6 Water purification tablets (iodine)
1 Sunburn lotion
1 Lip salve
1 Poison-ivy lotion
1 tube Benadryl ointment
1 bottle Tylenol pills
12 antiseptic wipes