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Crime Prevention Program Application

Name:____________________________________________________________  Age:_______

Address:______________________  City:__________________  State:_______  Zip:_________

is a member or friend of Pack (Number)_______________,   (District)__________________
and has completed the following requirements to earn the Crime Prevention Award:

Phase I
Complete activities from the program book in which your son is working, as indicated below, and discuss how they relate to crime prevention in your family.
First Grade
Tiger Cubs BSA Family Activity Book
______ "Know Your Family"
Hold a family meeting and discuss ideas from the "Youth" section of the requirements.
______ "Know Your Community"
Discuss how your family can better understand community resources related to crime prevention.
Second Grade
Wolf Cub Scout Book
______ "Know Your Home and Community"
______ "Making Choices"
Third Grade
The Bear Cub Scout Book
______ "Law Enforcement Is a Big Job"
______ "Be a Leader"
Relate 3 of the requirements to crime prevention.
Fourth-Fifth Grade
Webelos Scout Book
______ "Citizen"
______ "Family Member"
Discuss items about drugs and crime, gangs and crime, graffiti and crime, peers and crime.
Approval initials:_______________________________
(Parent or Unit Leader)         

Phase II
Participate with your family, den, pack, or friends in a crime prevention project, either an original project or a project of a neighborhood- or community-based organization. (Before beginning the project, have the unit leader approve your choice.)
Describe the project.

Approval initials:_______________________________
(Parent or Unit Leader)         

The above is now qualified to receive the Crime Prevention Award. Please make available a
______ patch, ______ pin, ______ pocket card, and ______ certificate.

Date:__________________________       Approved:____________________________________
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Note: This award can be earned at each grade level.