Venturer Activity

Venturer Activities

Venturer Activities

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! Candle Duel! Uncle Zeb's Lost Treasure
! Walking on Mars Alligator Pit Crossing
Arm Wrestle Co-op Around Town
Ball Horde Bid, Barter, Build
Blind Knots Bomb Squad
Bowline Flood Rescue Bowline Race
Bowline Sheetbend Trust Lean Bungee in the Bucket
Campsite Rescue Can Store Compass
Card Swap Centipede Crawl
Chain Gang Escape Chair Building - Teamwork
Choose the Bucket Clove Hitch on a Tree
Collecting Sasquatch Fur Compass Point Exchange
Deal or No Deal Double Juggle
Electric Jail Break-Out Escaped Convicts
Eye Witness Falcon Island Rescue
Family Feud Feet In
Fire Building, String Burning, Water Boiling Fire Transfer
Follow the Light Frisbee Bridge
Giants of Industry GillyWump Campsite
Glued Feet Race Grab My Stuff
Group Drawing Group Morph
Group Push Up Group Sculpture
Heads or Tails Hike Healing Ground
Height, Width, Direction Estimation Hidden Route
Human Bomb Squad Human Ladder
Human Pyramid Ice Rescue
Invisible Maze Keypad Scramble
Kim's Knot Trail Knight Errantry
Knot or Not Know Your Leaf
Ladder Lashing Lashing Grab Bag
Lashing Travois Races Lava Walkers
Lifeline Throw Light It Up
Lint Lighting Relay Log Lift
Lotsa Knots Map Making
Micro Cooking Mimic
Newspaper Architects Nine Magazines
Nitro Swing Pancake Relay
Pass the Message Patrol Coup Sticks
Patrol Spirit Competition Pocket Rope
Pretzel Lashing Pull Your Weight
Quartermaster's Shakedown Quick Intelligence Test
Radioactive Isotope Transport Radioactive Transport
Reactor Transporter Recipe Treasure Hunt
Reinforcements On the Way Retrieve the Secret Message
Reverse-o Ring on a String - Giant Size
Rope March Rope Shapes
Save the Dinosaur Egg Scout Baseball
Scout Meets Scout Scout Skills Jeopardy
Scoutmaster Stalking Scoutorama
Secret Good Deed Signal Race
Skyscrapers Snow Snakes
Sock Puppets Sort Em Out
Space Invaders Space Rescue
Stalking and Reporting Suspend a Log
Taut-line Hitch Tightrope Walk
Tiny Tea Time Touch It, Not Me
Trade Up Trail to the Treasure
Trailing the Hare Tripod Swing Lashing
Trivial Pursuit Troop Fitness Challenge
Warp Speed Wax Firestarters
Weird Noise Makers Wet Penny
Who Did the Good Turn Who Said That?


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These Activities for Venturers will help make your program more successful. Please let us know if you have additional Activity ideas that we can share with other venturing volunteers.

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