First Aid Kit Training

Boy Scout First Aid Test

Boy Scout First Aid Test

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There are 15 questions.
Select the best answer for each question.

1. Three common poisonous plants are:
Ivy, Oak, and Sumac
Ivy, Spruce, and Oak.
Oak, Sage, and Cactus.
Elm, Maple and Pine.
2. If you get oil from a poisonous plant on your clothes, you should:
Burn the clothes.
Dry the clothes.
Wash the clothes.
Sell the clothes.
3. To remove oil from a poisonous plant from your skin when you are in the wilderness, you should:
Wash with salt water.
Scrub with sand and water.
Rub with calamine lotion.
Wash with warm water and biodegradable soap.
4. What is the Heimlich Maneuver?
A way to pass slow traffice, taught in the Cycling merit badge.
A way to rescue a drowning person.
A way to help a choking person.
A way to stop bleeding.
5. After cleaning a simple cut, you should:
Wrap it with first aid tape.
Soak it in soapy water.
Spray with alcohol-based insect repellant.
Apply a sterile adhesive bandage.
6. Which of these statements are TRUE?
Blisters should never be broken.
If necessary, break a blister by pricking it near the base with a sterilized pin.
Keep walking on blisters to harden them into calluses.
Blisters should always be broken to releave pressure and speed up healing.
7. What is the first step in treating a minor burn or scald?
Dry the burned skin.
Break any blisters.
Have the victim breath into a paper bag.
Cool down the burned skin.
8. What color will a First Degree burn be?
9. If someone burns his hand at a campfire in the wilderness, what is the best way to cool the burn?
Pour gatorade on it.
Dig a hole in the cool ground and place the hand there. Then, cover with the extra dirt.
Place the hand in a stream.
Cover the hand with snow.
10. How should a tick be removed if it has fastened into the skin?
Grasp with tweezers and gently pull it straight out.
Burn it with a match.
Use a credit card or knife edge to flick it away.
Grasp with tweezers and twist it out.
11. When should you monitor a person for symptoms of shock?
If a head injury has occurred.
If they are unconscious.
If there are electric wires around.
If any injury has occurred.
12. If a snake bite has occurred on a victim's hand, what should you do?
Remove their shirt.
Remove their watch and ring.
Remove all metal jewelry.
Remove their hat and boots.
13. To treat a nosebleed, have the victim:
Lean backward and breath through their nose.
Lean backward and pinch their nose closed.
Lean forward and breath through their nose.
Lean forward and pinch their nose closed.
14. Sunburn is normally treated as:
1st degree burn
2nd degree burn
3rd degree burn
Radioactive burn
15. If frostbite occurs, you should thaw the frozen skin by:
Briskly rubbing with clean snow.
Holding in hot water.
Rubbing with any wool cloth.
Holding in warm water.


A well-trained scout is a ready scout. Being prepared for situations in which first aid training is required is a sign of a good boy scout. Whether in the wilderness outdoors or a large city, situations will come up where a first aid kit accompanied with thorough training may make the difference between life and death. Safety is a major training portion of the Boy Scouts and that includes recovery as well as prevention.

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