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Day 59: Eagle Project Ideas
100 days of scouting Day 59: Chatted with another hopeful Life scout about his Eagle project idea this evening. We talk about an idea before the scout puts hours into the project workbook only to find out it's not appropriate.
We discussed the main topics of:
After talking about those things, the scout usually has a good idea whether or not this project idea makes sense for him. Sometimes he discovers that his timeline is way too agressive or the project is too big to be realistic or it requires too much talent and skill rather than labor.
The key thing I try to promote is that he have a passion for the project or the organization. Otherwise, it will be torturous to complete. Installing benches at a dog park if you hate dogs doesn't make sense but does if you have an elderly neighbor that walks her dog there every day. Improving the backstage area of a middle school theater makes sense if you were in Theater Club, but not if you never went to a play. I believe a meaningful project is much more important than a 'big' project. As long as the scout can successfully lead others through the project's steps, it's good.

Here's some Eagle Project Ideas if you're interested. I find it amazing the breadth of projects that get done every year.

I also attended the district roundtable tonight. There was a presentation about the new Tour Plan, not Permit. The best part of the evening was the OA Chapter Chief sharing info about CYCLE. If everyone was loud, crisp, and to the point like that youth, our announcements would take less than half the time. :-)

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Posted: 21:15 04-07-2011 611
Day 57: Philmont Fiasco
100 days of scouting Day 57: Not a good day for crews preparing for Philmont treks this summer.
We have two crews excited to cover miles in New Mexico and they were supposed to put in for their trek choices on the Philmont Scout Ranch site today. Unfortunately, something went wrong and the site greets hopeful trek leaders with:
We are experiencing network problems, please be patient with us as we work to resolve this issue. No crews have been able to enter their selections and confirm an itinerary. In order to be fair to all crews we are shutting the system down for today.
A new date will be determined once the problem has been resolved. An email will be sent to all crews alerting them of the new itinerary selection date. This new date will also be posted on this webpage.
Philmont apologizes for this inconvenience. We know how important this is to you and your crew. We thank you for your patience.

Well, here's hoping the bit jockeys get things straightened out and tested soon so crews can continue their planning.

I got the monthly Boy Scout Trail contest prizes sent out.

I had a chat with my mom about barometers which led me to learn more online about how air pressure changes with elevation. There's about 21% oxygen in air no matter the elevation, but the density of the air diminishes due to less air above it resulting in less oxygen entering the lungs with each breath. Some info at Hiking Dude

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Posted: 8:34 04-06-2011 610
Day 56: No PLC tonight
100 days of scouting Day 56: The SPL moved his PLC meeting to next week since it's spring break here, so not much Scouting for me today.
Sent email to local scouters soliciting instructors for upcoming IOLS and SMS training.
And, sent someone the solution to Clove Hitch on a Tree activity.

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Posted: 16:07 04-04-2011 609
Day 55: WRFA
100 days of scouting Day 55: Completed the ARC Wilderness   Remote First Aid training for the Engineers Without Borders group this evening. That pretty much wraps up the weekend without much direct scouting going on.
Spring Break started on Friday so most scouts are out of town and not looking for scoutmaster conferences or whatnot.

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Posted: 21:27 04-03-2011 608
Day 53: EWB
100 days of scouting Day 53: I got to present CPR/AED training to MN members of Engineers Without Borders. The MN Chapter has done water and sanitation projects in Ghana, Uganda, and Haiti. They are active in Honduras and Guatemala.

Talk about doing a "Good Turn"! EWB is a great example of how anyone can use their skills to make a difference in the world.

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Posted: 6:32 04-02-2011 607
Hunting Merit Badge
Boy Scout April Fools I'm sure you heard by now that the Robotics merit badge comes out this month.

But, in a more subdued release, I saw that the Hunting merit badge is available TODAY at our local Scout Shop. I really like the badge design and I think the scouts that have already done Shotgun and Rifle will love this new badge. I know it's taken a long time to get it accepted and there's still some controversy about it, but I think it's a good opportunity for scouts that hunt.

One of the scouts in our troop is really (I mean REALLY) into hunting and he has entered the national sasquatch license lottery for the past two years. I wasn't aware of that since I'm more of a fisherman, but you can read more at the American Sasquatch Society site.

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April 1, 2011

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Posted: 5:51 04-01-2011 606
Day 51: Scouts and Cockroaches
100 days of scouting Day 51: Scouts are like cockroaches. They say after we destroy the planet in a nuclear holocaust, the cockroaches will survive. They get into everything and survive anything. They come in all sizes, about 4,500 species of them. Sounds like Scouts to me!


Boy Scouts You can replace 'Cockroaches' with 'Scouts' and you have:

OK, maybe not postage stamp glue, but some of the camp meals I've seen are pretty close.

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Posted: 14:44 03-31-2011 605
Day 50: Other Stuff
100 days of scouting Day 50:
I got to spend most of yesterday doing my own other stuff, mostly researching long-distance backpacking and considering a big trek next year.

So, I thought I'd share some Other Stuff with you that this troop does to make its program a little bit different.

Does your troop have fun, unique programs to liven things up? Give a shout.

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Posted: 9:56 03-30-2011 604
Day 49
100 days of scouting Day 49: Met with the outgoing SPL to review his term.
He led the court of honor tonight as his last meeting. For the Communications merit badge, he ran the entire ceremony and had his ASPL hand out badges. I just got to sit and watch. Not much left to teach him.
Sat down with the last new scout after the meeting and went through his Joining requirements.

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Posted: 8:50 03-29-2011 603
Day 48: CPR
100 days of scouting Day 48: Yesterday and today I presented CPR/AED training to two troops in preparation for their summer outings. Also had a Girl Scout leader in the mix.
Met with the new SPL tonight getting prepared for his first PLC meeting next month. He's got some good ideas for fun activities and new games. Signed him up for the council's NYLT camp (Grey Wolf) which will be an great experience for him.
Printed a stack of blue cards for Pioneering merit badge applicants.

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Posted: 22:06 03-27-2011 602
Day 46: New Pad
100 days of scouting Day 46:
Three weeks until your taxes are due. Remember to consider the miles driven for scouting as a tax deduction. Your Friends of Scouting contribution and other expenses you had for Scouting may also be deductible.

My Exped Synmat 7 DLX sleeping pad arrived!
Last summer, another adult on the first week of backpacking in Wyoming had one of these. He let me use it the second week when he returned home with the first group. Wow! It's like sleeping on a bed. So, I got one for my birthday last October but just finally got around to actually purchasing it since I was hoping for sales. I got it at for $124 (ouch) - now REI is having their 20% off any item sale, so I could have saved another $6. Oh Well. I keep thinking I could buy 20 blue closed-cell foam pads at Wal-Mart for the same price. :-(

This is the 77X26 inch version rather than the 72X20 so my feet and arms don't hang off. It weighs 1/2 pound more, but that's cool. Now I'm ready for my two weeks at summer camp and 50-Miler 5-day backpacking trip this summer. It really is a nice sleeping pad.

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Posted: 8:38 03-26-2011 601
Day 44
100 days of scouting Day 44: Two scoutmaster conferences and 2 hours reviewing a robust Eagle Service Project workbook.
Also lots of emails arranging participants in the seven Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid sessions I'm presenting over the next 4 months. I might need to add another in June for the "Oops, I didn't realize we needed that for Philmont and we're leaving in two weeks" people. My goal is to have 100 participants this year and it's looking like no problem.

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Posted: 10:38 03-25-2011 600
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