Bear Scout
Electricity Projects

Build an Electric Motor

1 C or D Cell Alkaline Battery
1Wide Rubber Band
2 Large Paper Clips
1 Rectangular Ceramic Magnet
Heavy Gauge Wire (the kind with red enamel insulation, not plastic coated)
Fine Sandpaper (for stripping insulation)
Clay ( for base)
Optional: Glue, Toilet Paper Tube (for coiling the wire),


    Leave 3 inches from the end of the wire (for a tail) then start wrapping the wire around a toilet paper tube (or a size similar to that of a toilet paper tube's circumference). Wrap it 7 times around the toilet paper tube. Cut the wire, leaving another 3 inch tail. Wrap the tails around the coil so the coil is held in place. (see diagram and photo above)

  1. On one tail, sand off all the insulation. Leave about 1/4" of insulation on the end and where the wire meets the coil. On the other tail, lay the coil down flat and lightly sand off the insulation from the top half of the wire only. Again, leave 1/4" of full insulation on the end and where the wire meets the coil.
  2. Bend the 2 paper clips like this:
  3. Use the rubber band to hold the paper clips on the 2 ends of the battery. (the side that's longer goes on the battery end)
  4. Put the magnet on the same side of the battery as teh paper clips. (see photo)
  5. Place the coil on the paper clip ends. Give it a nudge and it should spin.



Build an Electric Magnet

1 C or D Cell Alkaline Battery
1 nail
1 8inch piece of insulated wire
tape or rubber bands


  1. Strip both ends off the wire
  2. Wrap the wire around the nail 10 times.
  3. Connect each end of the wire to a pole on the battery.
  4. Use the tip of the nail to pick up paper clips or other metal objects.
  5. (do not use the magnet for very long because the wire will get hot.)