Running the Blockade Game for Boy Scouts

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Running the Blockade   Running the Blockade Game   Scout Game

This Game is meant for Boy Scouts.
3 whistles for game leader and assistants.
Define the game area, roughly 1/4 mile wide by 1/3 to 1/2 mile long. The game leader stands at one end of the game area. Two assistants should be near the far end of the game area.
This is a wide area Indian game and should be played where there is plenty of good cover, but not too thick undergrowth for moving rapidly. Two scouts are selected as the runners and have to deliver a top secret message to the game leader. All the rest of the troop are the Indians and do all they can to prevent either scout from reaching the game leader.

The Runners take up a position several hundred yards away from the game leader at the far end of the game area. The Indians spread out in a long line about half way between the Runners and the game leader. They may not come any nearer the game leader except if in close pursuit of a Runner.

When the game leader blows one long note on a whistle, the game begins. The Indians must catch and hold both Runners. Once a Runner reaches the game leader, he blows his whistle twice to signal everyone to return to him.
The two assistants in the field should each generally follow one of the Runners keeping him in sight. Their job is to blow their whistle once when the Runner is captured. Two captures signals the game leader to blow recall on his whistle.

Choose two more Runners and try again.

You could have patrols take turns supplying the two Runners while all other patrols play Indians. Award points for those Runners that make it to the game leader or those that get closest in a set time.

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