Prison Dodgeball Game for Boy Scouts

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Prison Dodgeball   Prison Dodgeball Game   Scout Game

This Game is meant for Boy Scouts.
2 or more rubber balls or nerf balls
20 chairs
Mark a centerline across the gym.
In opposite corners, set up 10 chairs in a quarter-circle, creating a prison area for each team.
Divide into two teams.
The goal of the game is to get all the opposing scouts in your prison by hitting them with the ball.

Leaders from each team do a 'jump ball' at center court to deflect the ball back to their team to start the game.
Players try to hit opponents below the waist.
When hit, a scout is called OUT by the referee and must run to the opposing team's prison. If he does not run fast enough, or if he argues, the referee may call for a sacrifice - another player to go to prison also. This keeps the game moving.
When someone has a ball, they can not move their feet. They can pass the ball to teammates. They can pass the ball to teammates that are in prison also.
While in prison, a scout that gets the ball can hit an opponent and send him to prison.
The only way a player can protect himself from being hit is to use completely straight arms with balled fists to deflect the ball. The referee's judgement of a hit or deflection must be obeyed.
The referee may send a player to prison for throwing too hard, hitting somone's head, or any other reason he sees fit.

Alternate Rule: A scout may pass the ball to a scout in prison. If the ball is cleanly caught, that scout can either try to hit an opponent out or carry the ball to the centerline and his own freedom. If he chooses freedom, then he must roll the ball back to the opponents' side of the court and he is a target as soon as he crosses the centerline.

Use 2 or more balls for more excitement.

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