Webelos Virtues Ceremony for Webelos scouts

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Webelos Virtues   Webelos Virtues Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for Webelos scouts.
Seven candles
Akela: Tonight we are assembled to honor Webelos Scouts that have brought honor to our pack as they have climbed the Cub Scouting trail together. These Webelos Scouts are now ready to go into the great brotherhood of Boy Scouting. With the help of his willing parents he will soon start up the Boy Scout trail.
As your name is called, please come forward with your parents.

Baloo: (call out each scout name)

(Continue when all are in position)
Akela: The seven candles before you represent the seven virtues of life. These virtues are also represented in the seven rays of the Arrow of Light award. As these candles are lighted, listen and take to heart the meaning of each.

(Candles are lighted by Baloo)

Akela: WISDOM. Having wisdom doesn't mean that a person is smarter than others. It means that he uses what he knows to live a better life.

Akela: COURAGE. Courage does not mean you have no fear of danger. It means that you can face danger despite your fear.

Akela: SELF-CONTROL. This means being able to stop when you have had enough of something, such as eating, playing, or even working too much.

Akela: JUSTICE. Justice means being fair with others we play and work with, regardless of who they are.

Akela: FAITH. Faith is belief in God and things we cannot see but feel are true.

Akela: HOPE. Hope means to look forward to good things you believe will happen. You hope for better things tomorrow, but at the same time you work hard today to make them happen.

Akela: LOVE. There are many kinds of love. Love of family, home, fellow men, God, and country. Every kind of love is important for a full and happy life.

Akela: By doing your best to live by these seven virtues, you will find a happier and more fulfilling life.

Akela: It is now my pleasure to congratulate you on a fine and memorable path through Cub Scouts. To symbolize your transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, I ask that your parents now remove your neckerchief and shoulder loops and hold them.

Akela: Many of you have chosen a Boy Scout troop to join. As your name and new troop number are called, please let me give you a farewill handshake and then go to that troop's representative to be welcomed into their group.

(Baloo calls each scout name)

Senior Patrol Leader and Scoutmaster of troops can present the green Boy Scout shoulder loops, troop neckerchief, Scout Handbook, and any other items as is customary.
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