First Class - Baden-Powell Ceremony for 1st Class scouts

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First Class - Baden-Powell   First Class - Baden-Powell Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for 1st Class scouts.
The First Class Badge combines the Tenderfoot and the Second Class badges. When a scout earns the right to wear it, he has completed the training needed to take part in most of Scouting’s activities and high adventures. Wearing this badge shows others that a scout is ready, able, and willing to care for himself and help others earn this rank.

(call scouts forward)

Who started the world Scouting movement? [Lord Baden-Powell]

When Baden-Powell began scouting for boys in England, he had a clear vision of what to accomplish. He had been through wars and hardship. He had learned to survive and succeed in many different environments.

Here are some of Baden-Powell's words:

When I was a boy at Charterhouse I got a lot of fun out of trapping rabbits in woods. If and when I caught one, which was not often, I skinned him and cooked him and ate him.

In doing this I learned to creep silently, to know my way by landmarks, to note tracks and read their meaning, to use dry dead wood off trees for my fire, and to make a tiny non-smoky fire.

Somewhere about 1893 I started teaching Scouting to young soldiers in my regiment. When these young fellows joined the Army they had learned reading, writing, and arithmetic in school but not much else. They were nice lads and made very good parade soldiers, obeyed orders, kept themselves clean and smart and all that, but they had never been taught to be men, how to look after themselves, how to take responsibility, and so on.
They had not had my chances of education outside the classroom.

I wanted to make them feel that they were a match for any enemy, able to find their way by the stars or map, accustomed to notice all tracks and signs and to read their meaning, and able to fend for themselves away from regimental cooks and barracks. I wanted them to have courage, from confidence in themselves and from a sense of duty; I wanted them to have knowledge of how to cook their own grub; in short, I wanted each man to be an efficient, all-round, reliable individual.

Baden-Powell based the scouting movement on those same aims - he wanted to help boys become all-round, reliable individuals. And, that is what we are stilling aiming to do today.

The First Class rank is the biggest step towards reaching that goal of independence and reliability. To reach this rank, you demonstrated your skill to find direction and guide others - both with and without a compass.
You found wild plants and animal signs.
You cooked and cared for not just yourself, but your entire patrol.
And, you showed that you are ready to help others that require first aid.

By wearing the badge of a First Class scout, you are telling all scouts that you are ready, able, and willing to lead them through difficult situations, to help them learn their skills, and to befriend them as a fellow scout.

It isn't a light commitment! You will have many opportunities to lead, teach, and encourage scouts in the coming months and this troop will expect much from you. I am conficent you will exceed their expectations as you continue on to become a Star scout.

(present badges. Have parents and scouts exchange badges and pins, if customary. Have scouts light First Class candle, if customary.)
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