First Class Ceremony for 1st Class scouts

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First Class   First Class Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for 1st Class scouts.
Leader: I now ask the following scouts to come forward with their parents - (call names)

Leader: The First Class rank represents a significant step in Scouting. It represents the 'Complete Scout', having demonstrated all the basic scouting skills.

Leader: As a First Class Scout, you have earned the opportunity to demonstrate the code to which a true and mature Scout is forever bound by his Scout Oath and Law. This code is one of 'Service' and 'Leadership'. Do you accept this greater responsibility of First Class Scout? If so answer, 'I do.'

Leader: In qualifying for First Class rank, you have advanced from being a Scout 'hiker' to being a Scout 'camper'. You have demonstrated skills making it possible for you to live in the outdoors for weeks rather than hours. You have the skills to survive in the wilds, and more importantly the knowledge to prevent the need to survive by planning well and making sound choices.

Leader: The next phase of scouting lies before you. Some scouts pick up all the scouting skills and get very good at tieing knots, building fires, and that sort of thing. But, unless you grow past being a Scout 'hiker' and Scout 'camper' to being a Scout 'leader', you have not experienced the true Scouting life. As you watch other leaders and learn leadership skills, you will understand that a leader is actually a servant. Serving and leading go hand in hand.
As a First Class scout, you are expected to lead other scouts up the trail with you. Make their path safe, fun, and memorable so one day they can stand here where you are while you have moved on to greater things.

Leader: Wear this badge with pride in your accomplishments. The time it took you to reach this point is not important. The time that lies ahead of you and what you do with that time is all that matters.
(hand out badges, cards, and pins)

(continue when parents and scouts have exchanged pins)

Leader: Troop, please stand and join me in congratulating these new First Class scouts!
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