Scout Investiture Ceremony for Scout scouts

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Scout Investiture   Scout Investiture Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for Scout scouts.
12 white candles in candelabra.
1 tall white candle.
2 tall green candles.
1 red candle.
Position the candelabra on a table - the 12 candles are the points of the Scout Law. Place green, then white, then green candles behind the candelabra - the 3 parts of the Scout Oath.
Troop Committee Chairman: We are going to welcome a few new Scouts and their parents to our troop tonight.
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader ____________ (name), please call forward the candidates and their parents.

ASPL: You that wish to join our troop please come forward and have your parents stand behind you.
(read off candidate names)

ASPL can help the candidates line up to the side of the table facing the audience with their parents behind them.

Chairman: It is my privilege as chairman of the troop committee to pass this burning candle
(the red one), which represents the spirit of Scouting, to Scoutmaster ____________ (name) who
will formally invest the candidates.

(Chairman lights candle. As he hands it to the Scoutmaster the room lights are turned off.)

Scoutmaster: Thank you, Mr. _________
(name). My happiest duty as Scoutmaster is to receive new scouts and their parents into our troop family.

Candidates, we are going to light these candles representing the 12 points of the Scout Law. Let these be your guide in life.
Senior Patrol Leader ___________ (name), please take this candle, the spirit of Scouting, and light our way.
(SPL lights the first candle.)

SPL: A Scout is trustworthy.

(Narrator with a good voice, who is behind a curtain or offstage with The Official Boy Scout Handbook and a flashlight, reads the explanatory text for this part of the Scout Law. SPL and narrator carry on in this manner until the 12 candles are lighted and the 12 points of the Scout Law have been read.)

SPL: Candidates, you are about to pledge yourself to a way of life that has guided millions of boys and men before you. It is not a promise to be taken lighly. Think well now before you take it.
(SPL pauses and allows 5 or 6 seconds to elapse)
SPL: Are you ready to take this promise?

Candidates: I am.

SPL hands red candle to ASPL

SPL: Candidates, give the Scout Sign. Repeat after me the Scout Oath.

SPL: On my honor, I will do my best.
(Candidates repeat.)

SPL: To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law.
(Candidates repeat. ASPL lights center white candle.)

SPL: To help other people at all times. (Candidates repeat. ASPL lights a green candle.)

SPL: To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.
(Candidates repeat. ASPL lights 2nd green candle.)

SPL: Too!
SPL and candidates lower their scout signs.
ASPL sets the red candle in its holder and retrieves the Scout badges. If there are a lot, he can split them with the SPL.

Scoutmaster (to parents): Our ASPL will now present you with your son's Scout badge. Will you please attach it to the center of your son's left shirt pocket. Pin it on upside down as is tradition in our troop. When your son has done his first God Turn as a Scout, he will ask you to turn the badge right side up.

ASPL distributes badges. Parents pin them on scouts.

Scoutmaster (to new Scouts): Now that you are
a Boy Scout, you have the privilege of presenting your parent with a pin replica of your new badge. As you advance in Scouting, a new pin will be presented each time you complete a rank.

Scouts attach pin to mothers' dress or lapel.

Scoutmaster (to Scouts): As a new Scout in Troop ______ , we expect you to uphold the ideals and program of the troop. You will be expected to live according to the Scout Law and the Scout Oath you took tonight and to be regular in attendance at troop activities, including troop and patrol meetings, hikes, camps, and good turn projects. We know you will be a fine addition to our troop and we welcome you.

(Scoutmaster give Scout handclasp to each new Scout.)

Scoutmaster (to troop members): Troop, attention! Join me in congratulating our new scout brothers.
Scouts, please be seated.

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