Bow and Arrow Webelos Cross-over Ceremony for Webelos scouts

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Bow and Arrow Webelos Cross-over   Bow and Arrow Webelos Cross-over Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for Webelos scouts.
An arrow
A bow (optional)
Akela, Baloo, and Den leader
Scoutmaster and/or SPL of troops receiving new scouts
Can be used after Arrows of Light were awarded to some scouts. If scouts are not advancing to Boy Scouts, they would get their AoL and then not participate in this ceremony.
Akela: The highest award to be earned in Cub Scouting is the Arrow of Light. Some of the Webelos in our Pack have already received that award today. Take a look at this arrow I have here.

Akela: Notice it is made of strong wood to withstand the stress of doing its work. A good scout also needs to be made of strong character to overcome challenges and hardships.

Baloo: It is also sharp. A good scout is sharp in a different way - he uses his head and figures things out.

Den Leader: The arrow is also straight so it can follow a true path in flight. A good scout uses his faith and conscience to maintain a true path through life.

Baloo: A Webelos Scout is a lot like this arrow. What can I do with this arrow? Is it useful as it is? No, something's missing, isn't it? In order to use this arrow, I need a bow - the energy to make it fly to its target. Without a bow, the arrow is a wasted tool.

Akela: Everything a Webelos Scout has learned in Cub Scouts is like this arrow. Your knowledge and skills are good and useful, but without a way to put it to use, it's kind of wasted. It's like having a nice arrow and just hanging it on the wall instead of using it with a bow as it should be used.

Akela: By advancing on to Boy Scouts, you are designing and crafting your own bow - you are giving yourself a way to use your scouting skills. As you continue in scouting, you will constantly refine your bow, making it stronger and more accurate. You will learn more skills, filling your quiver with many strong arrows. By the time you become an Eagle Scout, you will be well prepared for anything the world throws at you. Just as the Indian braves of old were expert with bow and arrow, you will be expert at scouting skills, leadership, and citizenship.

Akela: Troops [number, number, number, ...] are ready to accept you as a Boy Scout and help you begin to create your bow. You have learned all we can offer you in the Pack and it is time for you to set your sights on even higher goals. As your name is called, your Webelos den leader will remove your neckerchief and blue shoulder loops. You may then present yourself to the leaders of your chosen troop to receive the marks of a Boy Scout and continue your adventure.

(Baloo reads names and chosen troop number of each scout)

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