Lifeline Throw Activity for Boy Scouts

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Lifeline Throw   Lifeline Throw Activity   Scout Activity

This Activity is meant for Boy Scouts.
a 40 foot rope for each patrol.
a chair, bucket, or other target for each patrol.
Have each patrol line up about 30 feet from their target.
The first scout in line ties a bowline in the end of his team's rope and slips it over his wrist to prevent losing the end of the rope when thrown.
He then coils the rope and tosses it at the target.
The bowline is passed to the next scout who puts it on his wrist, recoils the rope, and tosses it at the target.
Repeat this for every scout on the team, scoring 5 points for every hit on the target. Divide the total score by the number of scouts in the patrol to find the average score and the winning patrol.

You might find the patrol with the most members and have scouts in smaller patrols throw twice so every patrol throws the same number of times.
You couls award a bonus of 10 points to the patrol that finishes first.
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