Chain Gang Escape Activity for Boy Scouts

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Chain Gang Escape   Chain Gang Escape Activity   Scout Activity

This Activity is meant for Boy Scouts.
2 foot twine or small rope per scout
2 blindfolds per patrol
10 - 2foot paper circles per patrol
Patrol members will need to communicate and support each other for success. Rather than going for speed, you might reward a patrol that makes it across in one, two, or three attempts with a prize or points.
Reflect on how well patrols worked and how it felt to have handicaps and work together.
This is a teamwork activity.

Each patrol lines up side-by-side and ties their left ankle tightly to the right ankle of the scout on their left. This should make a chain gang.
The leader of each patrol chooses one member of a different patrol to be blindfolded. The leader of each patrol chooses one member of a different patrol to be blindfolded. There are now 2 blindfolded members on each patrol. Finally, choose one scout in each patrol that can not talk.

The circles are distributed in a path from a start line to a finish line for each patrol to follow, spaced about 18 inches apart.

Story: You have been held captive in prison by an evil [Dictator, or Aliens, or whatever] for the past 4 months. Every day, you are chained together and forced to [sing songs, clean toilets, whatever] all day. But, on this day, there is an earthquake which splits a crack in stone wall so your gang decides to make a break for it.
All around the prison is a radioactive moat filled with toxic waste, leftovers from the school cafeteria, and mutant, rabid, swimming bunnies. If anyone in your gang touches the moat, their flesh will dissolve and the bunnies will be awakened to attack and devour the rest of your gang.
Luckily, the earthquake upheaval caused many tiny islands to form. As long as you stay on those islands, you'll probably be ok. And, the islands do NOT move.

Unfortunately, while going through the crack in the wall, part of it fell on your gang. Two of you were struck in the head by falling rock causing temporary blindness while a third was hit in the throat damaging his vocal chords.

Now, your gang must work its way to escape and safety.

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