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This Activity is meant for Boy Scouts.
This Activity should be done Outside.
2 patrols or divide a patrol into 2 teams
Flag and whistle for each patrol
This is a good activity for an hour of free time at camp.

If you have more than 2 patrols, set up multiple gathering spots very far away from each other.
Define a gathering spot and time.
Give each patrol leader a flag and whistle.

Send each patrol out on a separate hike to locations at least a half mile from the gathering spot and approximately on opposite sides of it.

The goal is to reach the gathering spot at exactly the specified time while at the same time spotting the other patrol before they spot you.

To indicate that the opposing patrol has been discovered, the patrol leader raises and waves his flag and blows one blast on his whistle. So, patrol members need to be able to communicate, but don't have to stay together as one bunch.

The scoutmaster or umpire declares a winner and blows his whistle twice to signal everyone to the gathering spot.
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