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Fire Fails
Boy Scout Fire Starting
How does a Boy Scout make a fire with two sticks:
Make sure one is a match.

We are supposed to be good at many outdoor skills, one of which is fire starting. It is just a Scouting thing.
In reality, I have not met many scouts that can start a fire readily - in good weather, let alone rain or dampness. Even when training with Scouters, it is rare that one will volunteer to lay and light the fire, prefering to give someone else the opportunity to show off.

This is one of those very few things that I have learned in Scouting that totally confuses me. I LOVE fire - making fires, lighting fires, and burning stuff. I like tossing armfuls of leafs on a fire to make a huge cloud of smoke. I like making fire with bow drills, fire pistons, magnifying glass, flint-n-steel, and any other primitive way I hear about. I like flicking a Bic just as well. I enjoy keeping the smallest of flames alive, as well as a roaring bonfire. I get a kick out of bringing seemingly dead ash back to life. But, I'm afraid, I'm a minority - maybe that's a good thing.

When I became a scoutmaster, I was surprised by the lack of skill and interest in firecraft. Sure, the scouts like to poke fires with sticks and play around, but few were capable of, or interested in, getting a fire going.

Boy Scout Fire Triangle
Observing scouts for years, I've discovered these fire fails. Keep them in mind and maybe your scouts will be more successful in their flamboyant conflagrations:

Fire making certainly is a mixture of art and science. It's a skill that, once mastered, can serve a scout his entire life. In any situation, he may very well be the only one knowledgeable and comfortable with quickly, safely, and consistently creating fire for heat, cooking, or just entertainment.

Fortunately, a couple years ago, a scout joined the troop with a spark in his eye. He kindled that spark into many a fire - campfire in dry summer, fire for hobo dinners in wet spring, and early morning breakfast fire in 18 inches of snow in dead of winter. Matthew made fires himself. He gathered and prepped the wood, laid the fire, and brought it to life with no help. He renewed my faith that there is still hope for a fire-cooked meal, s'mores, and campfire stories.

For lots more fire starting info, visit Campfire Dude.

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