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Philmont first class rank requirement So, here's a trick question: What rank is required to attend Philmont, Northern Tier, or Sea Base?

You can find many troop websites listing a minimum rank requirement of First Class. You can even find council requirements listing First Class as a requirement. But, those are not BSA high adventure base requirements. They've been set up by that particular unit or council to help ensure the scouting skills of participants.

There actually is no rank requirement at all for any of the national high adventure bases. A 17.5 year old Boy Scout that has yet to earn Tenderfoot can be on your crew!

Would I recommend that? not normally, but if you have a boy experienced in the outdoors join your troop in 10th grade to do exciting camping with his buddies, you don't need to force him through months of sign-offs and three boards of review before doing the high adventures.

What, you still don't believe me? :-)

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Posted: 14:42 10-04-2010 527
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 Oct 13, 2010 - Andy
Wait? What? You'd go to a high-adventure situation with someone who has not demonstrated their competence? Really? You'd take on that responsibility in order to excuse a boy some paperwork?

I beg to disagree. There's nothing magic about requiring demonstrated skills for a situation full of risks. It seems common sense.
Oct 13, 2010 - Scoutmaster Paul
Andy: I certainly didn't say that. There is no requirement from the national BSA high adventure bases for rank - that's what I said and that's what's true.
A scout can demonstrate his abilities and become a safe, experienced member of a crew without completing every advancement requirement through First Class. He could demonstrate that he is a competent backpacker on a couple campouts and demonstrate his physical fitness and abilities on a few hikes, even though he was not in the troop long enough to complete the Tenderfoot physical fitness requirement.
Oct 20, 2010 - Larry Geiger
Sea Base activities certainly don't require rank advancements. You do need to be able to pass the swim check. Many Venture groups attend with Scouts who have never earned Boy Scout ranks (and young women too!).

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