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NHP Award - anyone, anyone?
In our troop, we've recently had one patrol earn the National Honor Patrol award. The small star patch stands out nicely next to their patrol emblem and I get the impression they are quite proud of their accomplishment.

Since they earned it, a few other patrols have been motivated and started on their 3-month effort but none have completed the requirements. The dedication to completing the few requirements has just not come around. I really encourage them to track their progress using this page, but the service and patrol meeting requirements usually fall short.

A scouter just asked me about the prevalence of this award, so I'd like to ask you all about it's popularity in your troop. If you would, please leave a comment about patrols in your troop:
  1. patrol(s) earned this award
  2. started but did not complete the requirements
  3. no interest in it

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Posted: 22:06 06-08-2010 504
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 Jun 09, 2010 - Ron LaSala
one patrol earned it this year, one started, others aren't interested.
Jun 09, 2010 - Scoutsigns
We've had one patrol earn it, over a year ago now. Would like more to pursue it.
Jun 10, 2010 - Bob H
After several years of different Patrol Leaders trying to get their Patrol to earn it, finally got one Patrol to earn it this year. Most Patrols are not interested in it.
Jun 10, 2010 - Angie S
I was not aware of this award, but it doesn't look too hard so I'm surprised there isn't more interest in it. I had my son, the patrol leader, look at it and we are doing most of this already. I think we will start on our 3 months and have this award by Fall Court of Honor. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
Jun 11, 2010 - sarah
My son is going to jamboree and he is in a troop that is some what scattered about. It was made up of odds and ends boys. So we thouht it would be hard to do but they did it. Out of the four partols in his Jamboree troop the "Grilling Geckos" are the only ones that have it. They worked at it over the late fall and winter and that made it easy for one service project. They had a toy drive it was small but it was one.
Jun 17, 2010 - Ron LaSala
I discussed this with the Scoutmaster and I think we are going to make the Honor Patrol program a goal for the troop guides (we have one per patrol) to shoot for. If they work to teach the patrol leader and assistant patrol leader how to achieve this and guide them, we may have a higher honor patrol rate. The Troop Guide's current goal is to strive to get each new boy to First Class by the end of their second summer camp. We hit this target about 80% of the time.
Jun 20, 2010 - Walter Underwood
I suggested this to our patrol leaders as a goal for their term. We talk about goals after they are elected. It is a nice combination of goals for a patrol.

A couple of patrols have earned it over the past few years.
Jul 01, 2010 - Ben Dibble
We run a "Patrol Spirit" game in our Troop. When the patrol meets all requirements, they open a locked box, and get the reward(s) inside. Of 4 patrols, only 1 got in this last time. In the past we have run "Patrol Cup" games and other incentives. Most were 'winner take all' games. I find that we have the 'bell curve' in patrols no matter what I do. 1 patrol does well, and we did have one earn the BP Patrol quite a few years back, and the other patrols do 'okay,' and one patrol that isn't motivated.

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