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Letter from Michelle

On December 11, 2008, my son completed his Eagle Board of Review. Oh, happy day!

At that time, he was a little concerned that his paperwork would get done too soon and he would receive a congratulation letter from the current president rather than the incoming president. He even asked if the paperwork could be held up a couple weeks, just to make sure.

Yesterday, his letter from the White House arrived - it took about 333 days so I guess somewhere along the line someone listened and held up the paperwork.

It's a pretty cool embossed letter signed very nicely by Michelle Obama and some squiggly stuff which I assume is the President's signature. I guess he coulda been a doctor. :-)

You can click the small image of the letter to see a bigger version if you want.

Now, almost a year later, I heard last night at our roundtable that the council may turn out another record number of Eagles, beating the record set last year. Our troop did its part I figure, with having five scouts reach Eagle and one more having his scoutmaster conference with me next week.

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 Dec 04, 2009 - Eric
Why was he worried about waiting?
Dec 05, 2009 - CJ
Wow...I can't believe it took so long, but at least it arrived! My most recent Eagle is still waiting for his; we probably have about six more months!
Dec 07, 2009 - Scoutmaster Rob
If you check this site:: It has the addx's for pretty much anybody you would want a letter from in our Government and Military. Back during this time period, it included the incoming officials addx's, too. Also has the addx's of the living 'Former' officials.

Not sure why he would be worried about who signed signed it... That would not (or should not) take away from the significance of the accomplishment... But that is a discussion for a different campfire. ;-)
Dec 07, 2009 - dianne mueller
it is a little disconcerting to hear you imply that a letter from President Bush would be appreciated less by you or your son than one from President Obama. We need to teach our Scouts to honor the office and not the man whoever he or she may be.

Congratulations to your young man for his fine, fine achievement. You have every reason to be proud.
Dec 07, 2009 - Scoutmaster Paul
He wasn't worried about which person would sign his presidential congratulatory letter, but he was hopeful that it would be the newly-elected president since his board of review occurred during the transition time.
Just like every person, this Eagle has political preferences and he preferred to have a signature of one person over another. Appreciating one person's signature over another's is not dishonoring - it is voicing a preference.
Dec 07, 2009 - romperroomrejekt
On this, the great day of Pearl Harbor Day we should solute the great people who made the ultimate sacrafice with treir families, to keep us and our allies from the throws of communism and respect our forefathers in the grand idea of a country not dictated by a goverment aranged by a soicialistic wanna be dictators. Be glad your scout made it and cry for the fact that as a small business owner I will pay for every ones great fortune.
Dec 08, 2009 - Tiger Den LeaderChris
Politics is everywhere! Seems kinda sad that we let it influence our goals and set a timeline for us.

I guess as a Veteran entitled to a military funeral, I should hope to die when a President I agree with is in office. That way when when the flag is given to my wife, the Officer presenting can say it was on behalf of a President I liked.

I digress, Congrats to your Eagle on all his hard work.
Dec 08, 2009 - EagleSteve
Scoutmaster Paul; Congrats on your son making Eagle.

I don't agree with holding up the process just to get one Presidential signature over another but that was your decision.

What I am concerned about is the "record number of Eagles" It seems that troops and councils are turning into Eagle Factories. I hope we are not losing sight of what the award really means.
Dec 08, 2009 - Scoutmaster Paul
The "numbers" are important to the BSA - membership numbers, advancement numbers, $$$ numbers, ... and numbers are one measure of how the BSA tracks its success.

In our troop, advancement is not pushed except for reaching 1st Class for high adventure participation. Yet, last year, this year, and next year, it looks like we will have almost 40% of all scouts that joined reach Eagle - that includes those that dropped along the way. For those that remained through 18, it is more like 75%.
We've just had scouts join that have Eagle as a goal and they've worked to reach it. I can only assume that's the case in other troops in the council. Also, our council is made of two merged councils just a couple years ago, so a record might not be that significant, I don't know.

I just had a scoutmaster conference with an Eagle candidate this evening. He's a high school junior that wants to be a conservation officer for the Dept. Natural Resources and really liked the Fish & Wildlife, Wilderness Survival, Fishing, and Env. Sci. merit badges. I wish I could post his ambitions and life purpose statement - it's very good.
Aug 19, 2011 - Ryan
I'm closing in on Eagle... Building a gravel pathway for my project next week!

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