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blasphemy challengeThe sole purpose of this page is to let people know
Boy Scout Trail does not support Blasphemy Challenge as they indicate on their web site.

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The people running a web site called blasphemy challenge say that they have targeted youth by advertising on Boy Scout Trail as well as other web sites. Blasphemy Challenge or any of their other related web sites are not supported by Boy Scout Trail. I run ads served from Google and all of the blasphemy gang's known URLs are listed in my filter file with Google and are blocked from ever appearing. The ads displayed on this page are an example of what appear on other pages of my site.

Why those people chose to list in their press release along with big sites like Tiger Beat, Seventeen, and Teen Magazine is interesting to me. It sure would have been nice if all those mentions of Boy Scout Trail picked up by many sites would have been a link instead of just the name! As you know if you've explored my site at all, my audience is Boy Scout volunteers and all of the content on my site is aimed at supporting and improving programs for scouting units. The blasphemy challenge people understand that people in scouting believe in God and they want to antagonize those people - and that is the true goal of their gang, antagonizing others.

What I believe the blasphemy challenge gang has done is this. They saw that these sites, as well as Boy Scout Trail, are running ads from Google. They created an advertiser account with Google and put up some trivial amount of money, whatever the minimum is for a Google account. Then, they set their account to target the sites that they listed. When their tiny bit of money ran out, their ads stopped. If you go to Xanga or the other sites they list as doing advertising on, you can visit page after page and never see and ad even closely resembling blasphemy challenge or their other sites. I do not believe they are doing any advertising - but they don't need to since they are getting so much free publicity.

They can say they launched an "online advertising campaign focused on 25 sites popular with teens such as ..." and put out a press release and make up pretty much anything they want. The fact that their 'campaign' may have been just a couple bucks or never delivered a single ad doesn't matter. So many media outlets such as ABC News and MSNBC grabbed the tidbit, that the blasphemy challenge got tons of free promotion. No one questioned what they said in their release - they just copied and distributed it. Or, they interviewed the guys and gave them more promotion.

What about the $25,000 campaign? Well, that is 1,000 DVDs 'valued' at $25 each. Since it costs about 25 cents for each DVD, that's really about $250. Just another made up 'info bite' to attract attention and mislead.

Blasphemy Challenge does not advertise on Boy Scout Trail

Boy Scout Trail is not associated with Blasphemy Challenge

Blasphemy Challenge Organizers DO Believe

blasphemy challenge and boy scout trail As Buzz Lightyear said: "You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity. Farewell."
These folks call themselves the 'rational responders' and their postings, texts, and interviews demonstrate that they are intelligent and educated - just incorrect. Since they are intelligent, I assume they know what they are doing and they have specific goals for the effort they are putting into their message.
Their message is that God does not exist.
If they believe that God does not exist, then why would they have people video themselves talking to God? If something does not exist, it makes no sense wasting time talking to it or incenting others to talk to it.
Someone that does not believe in God would spend their time on other things. They would not spend their money and the short time they have on earth working to get others to deny that non-existent God.
So, who would spend their efforts to pull others from believing in God?
If all the mentions of atheism and non-belief in regards to the Blasphemy Challenge were replaced with satanism and devil-worship, then it would make perfect sense. Only someone joined with the devil would benefit from coercing people to deny God.
The rational response group knows perfectly well what they are doing. They are purposefully antagonizing people that profess a belief in God. They are hoping to convert people away from God and towards the alternative. If there is no God, they would not go to such lengths to pull people away.