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Boy Scout Group Games

Action, competition, and rough play are what boys are about but there are times when a more quiet large group game may be needed. Whether you have an entire forest or a small room, find games here to use in your scouting program. We've included our favorite group games for you to try. Remember, Scouting is a Game with a Purpose.
Choose your scout group for a list of games just for them, or search for games of a specific type or name.


4 Square4 Way Tug-o-War500
Ace-King-QueenAerobic TagAirplane Race
Alien TreasureAll AboardAlphabet Bag
Ankle FightsArm KnockoutArm Wrestling
Arm-Sling RelayAtomic Particle CollectingBack Lift
Backpack PackingBalance RelayBall of String Relay
Ball ScrambleBall Toss RelayBalloon Basket
Balloon Batting BuddiesBalloon BreakBalloon Hanging
Balloon Hot PotatoBalloon MonsterBalloon Relay
Balloon StompBalloons AloftBandage a Buddy
Bang the Can RelayBanged Up BennyBarnga
Base AttackBat BallBeachball Ballyhoo
Beanbag TossBenchballBicycle Races
Birds of a FeatherBizz BuzzBlind Balloon Volleyball
Blind BirdsBlind CornersBlind Observations
Blind RefereeBlind TazersBlob Tag
Blowhard RelayBogus BaseballBorg Tag
British BulldogBubble Gum RelayBucket Ball
Buddy TagBuild ItCalendar Toss
Can StackCandle RelayCandy Dice
Canoes and CompassesCapture the FlagCapture the Fort
Career CharadesCatch 10Catch the Cane
Catch the ThiefCatch UpCaterpillar Race
Chain Gang EscapeChicken RunCircle Jump Rope
Circle Suck-upsClothespin TagCloud Puff Relay
ClueCode RelayCollection of Silly Races
Compass & Map RelayCompass ReadingComplicated Tag
Conquer LiechtensteinCounting CoupCounting Relay
Crab FightsCrab ScuttleCrabs, Crows, and Cranes
Crack the CrackerCrocodileDead Ant
DefenderDissolving NecklacesDitchem
DodgeBall in a CircleDuck the StaffDuck, Duck, Goose
Dungeon BreakOutExecution DodgeballExercise Relay
Falling StaffsFamous VisitorFeather Toss
Fight for AttentionFighter PilotsFind It
Find the LeaderFinger JoustingFire Brigade
First Aid RelaysFirst Class RelayFishing for Mousetraps
Fist BallFitness RelayFlip a Deck Relay
Flip the PennyFlying DutchmanFootball Scramble
Four KingsFox and HoundsFox Hunt
Free For All SoccerFrisbee GolfFrisbee Golf with compasses
Frisbee SoccerFrog or Kangaroo RelayFrogs and Flies
Fumble Fingers RelayFuzz Stick RelayGiants, Elfs, and Wizards
Gift GiversGood Morning, CaptainGooey Gobble
Grab FiveGreased WatermelonGroup Push
GuardianHeave, Ho, ThrowHigh Adventure Race
Hit the BucketHoop on a LoopHop the Staff
Hot and ColdHuman Chain RaceHuman Compass
Human FoosballHuman Ladder RaceHunker Down
I Am Mr. SmithI'm TakingInfinite Dodgeball
Jelly Bean RelayJohn Henry RelayJump the Shot
Kangaroo RelayKangaroo TailsKangaroo Wrestling
Keys In a CanKim's GameKim's Group Game
King BatKubbLa Palma
Lame Chicken RaceLast MatchLeg Pull
Line UpLiquid ChainLog Sawing Relay
Long, Short, Round RelayMake It Up RelayMaking Change Relay
ManhuntMarble DropMatch Stacking
Math MastersMemory BattleshipMonkey in the Middle
Monster HuntMouse Trap WarMousetrap Fishing
Mousetrap MinefieldMud WallowMule Relay
Natural SelectionNature BoullesNature Sketch Hunt
Naval CombatNewspaper BasketballNight Infiltration
No Man's LandNo See EmsOctopus Race
Oxygen Tank FillPack n GoPalm Push
Paper TennisPaul Revere RelayPeglegged Gauntlet
Perpetual Motion BallsPhoto MemoryPickin' Cotton
Ping Pong 500Ping Pong Air HockeyPing Pong Air Race
Ping Pong FootballPing Pong Knock OutPinguard
Pitch Your TentPony ExpressPony Express Relay
Predator and PreyPrison DodgeballPruie
Pure Luck RelayPushme PullyaQuarter Dodge Ball
Quick ArchitectsRace to the GapRace to the Whistle
Raiders TagRainy Day GoldRaise the Flag
Rattlesnake HunterReady for WinterRed or Black
Rescue RaceRescue RaceRinger
Rock Paper ScissorsRooster FightsRope Golf
Row Your BoatRun the RingRunning the Blockade
Sardine TagSave LondonScout Law Relay
Scout Pace RaceScrambleScrambled Sayings
Seahorse WarsSecret Message DeliverySecret Message Relay
Sentry PostShark!Shoot Out
Shooting Fish in a BarrelShopping CartSignal the Message
Silly OlympicsSitting DucksSlap Clap Snap
Smile TossSmugglersSnowman Toss
Soda BowlingSpaghetti StretchSponge Relay
SpudStaff RunStaff Stories
StalkingStalking AntelopeSteal the Bacon
Steal the TreasureString SeekSubmarine Maneuvers
Swat to the GapSweets RelayT-Shirt Relay
Tail GrabTeam ChallengeTeam Knot Tying
ThiefsThree Step RelayThree-Way Soccer
Three-way Tug-of-WarThrough the TunnelTin Can Relay
Toe FencingTrain RaceTrash Ball
Treasure of the BlindTribble HuntTurtle Soccer
Twist StickTwo-man RelayUltimate Frisbee
Ultra Tug of WarVegetable OlympicsWar Cards
Water Balloon VolleyballWater BrigadeWater Transport
We Like ... But We Don't Like ...Wheel RelayWheelbarrow Race
Which Patch Is It?Who's Got The Ball?Who's Missing?
WinkWoods WarWork Up
Yanks and RebelsZip-Zap 

Most of these ideas make great Christian youth group games also. These group games for kids are fun for a small group indoors or a large group outdoors. The games range from quiet to loud and are arranged by appropriate age groups.

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